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The homeowner or a hired fenestration contractor typically replaces a fenestration product in a home. A simple replacement project typically does not involve a building permit so the homeowner is not constrained by a local energy code. The homeowner, however, may be interested in obtaining a fenestration product with good energy performance. Several resources are available for consumers to educate themselves on fenestration energy performance.

The US Environmental Protection Agency and The US Department of Energy administer a voluntary program identifying the most energy efficient residential products. The program, ENERGY STAR, includes residential windows. The ENERGY STAR Residential Fenestration program helps a consumer identify energy efficient window. Use this site when shopping for replacement windows. 

In May 2005, the US DOE amended the ENERGY STAR fenestration qualifying criteria.  Click this link to learn more:  ENERGY STAR Fenestration Qualifying Criteria Amendment

For a list of fenestration rebates throughout the US, click on the link to below to learn if any are available at your location:

NEW Residential Window Tax Credit

Section 1333 of the 2005 Federal Energy Bill creates a tax credit for purchasers of energy-efficient residential energy property.  The credit is equal to the sum of 10 percent of the cost of the residential energy-efficient improvements, and the cost of residential energy-efficient property expenditures, as detailed below, with a lifetime cap of $500 per taxpayer.  No more than $200 of the credit can come from the purchase and installation of windows.  Also, for any given year, no more than $50 can come from the purchase of an advanced main air circulating fan, no more than $150 from the purchase of a furnace or boiler, and no more than $300 from any item of an energy-efficient building property.  These credits will be available starting January 1, 2006 and will expire January 1, 2008.

The Alliance to Save Energy has an excellent fenestration education program called the Efficient Windows Collaborative. This program educates the consumer on energy efficient windows. If you are looking for fenestration products with a “good energy rating” for your location, use this program to learn about energy efficient windows and select recommendation on the best energy performance ratings. The Efficient Windows Collaborative also references the ENERGY STAR program.



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